1. Can I sell my leased vehicle?

In most situations you can sell your vehicle when it is leased. We will appraise your vehicle in the same manner, and contact the leasing company to calculate the difference of equity, or “negative equity.” Some leasing companies do not allow the early termination, or do not allow it without hefty penalties. Also, please note in most cases you will not receive trade in credit for a leased vehicle. Check with your leasing company for details.


2. Do I need an appointment to appraisal my vehicle?

An appointment is not required; you may visit during regular business hours. Most appraisals can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.


3. Is your purchase offer negotiable?

In  most cases no. Our offer is a stress free way to sell your vehicle. We make a fair written offer without the need to haggle on every vehicle we appraise.


4. Can i know if the Car I want to purchase has been in any accidents?

In some cases, accidents are reported on a vehicle history report. If the car was in an accident, you can find out how it was damaged and how it was fixed.


5. Are there Types of payments on the cars if a client cant pay full upfront?

Yes, Our Financial Specialists are experts at getting you into the perfect vehicle for you and can find financial solutions that suit you’r needs.


6. Can I trade in my vehicle?

Yes, we will appraise any vehicle for trade in.  At Chidiac P.O.C.C we understand you want the best selection, and a deal you’ll feel good about.


7. Do the accessories I have on my car enhance its value?

For the most part, the consumer likes to buy a vehicle that has not been modified. There is a fear that modifications made may affect the warranty, or operation of the vehicle down the road. Sometimes a modification voids the factory warranty, which will negatively affect the purchase offer. But, depending on the vehicles demand in the market, some modification can actually enhance the value.  You can talk to one of the Appraisal Managers on site about your specific vehicle and the modifications done.


8. What can we do if all title holders cannot be present, or one is deceased?

Each situation can vary from transaction to transaction. If all parties listed on the title are not available to sign, we can use a signed Power of Attorney to allow someone other than the party listed to sign on their behalf.


9. Should I get body damage fixed before I sell my vehicle?

If your vehicle is safe to operate, bring it in. We buy all vehicles, regardless of condition.  Minor damage may be fixed for less than what you would pay at a body shop at our dealership, which saves you money.


10. If I sell my vehicle, can I get it back?

Yes, but only if it has not been sold already. You will have to pay the additional expenses of: preparing the vehicle for sale, inspections, reconditioning, detailing, and any costs or fees associated with the transaction.


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